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Get a FREE* HOME ENERGY AUDITMost homeowners in NY are eligible for a free home energy audit.  Low to moderate income home owners can then get 50% funding for improvements up to $4000.
Live in Red Hook?  Check out EnergizeRedHook
Live outside of Red Hook? Get started with the help of the not for profit RUPCO: fill out an application

Tips: You need to obtain the last 12-24 months of oil and electricity use. If you use Central Hudson, electric usage is easy to get online at this web site http://inet.cenhud.com/RetailChoice/ICforESCOs/InqAcct.aspx

or call 452-2700 (press 0 to speak with a representative) and they can mail you your usage (all you need is your account number). Call your fuel oil provider and they can do the same.

Get a programmable thermostat in place
Get caught up on CFLs
More tips

The Red Hook Public Library, and the Tivoli Free Library have Kill A Watt meters for library patrons to check out.  The Kill A Watt EZ electricity usage monitors, lets you know how much power your 'plug ins' are using.  You'll be able to tell how much an appliance is costing you every day, month, week, and year.  Even appliances that are turned off,can still draw 'vampire' power.  You'll be empowered to make smart energy choices.


Agway in Red Hook had a free energy audit performed in August by Challenge campaign sponsor Central Hudson.  When they realized that a lighting upgrade would save 21,235 KwH of electricity per year, as well as $3,800 in energy savings per year, they signed the contract to replace their lighting in the same week.  The estimated annual return for their investment is 85%.  With the money they are saving on energy, and an incentive from Central Hudson, their new lighting will pay for itself within 2 years.

Now it's your turn!  Businesses and Commercial building owners are invited to receive a free lighting audit courtesy of Central Hudson and Alliance Energy Solutions. Call (203) 509-3426 to schedule. Red Hook participants will be entered to win a free comprehensive energy audit of your building's energy performance.

Look for electricity savings and rebates here:
Air ConditionersHave  an old, working full sized fridge or freezer in your garage or basement?  Central Hudson will haul it away and pay you $50!For information about these and other energy efficiency incentives from Central Hudson, go to www.CentralHudson.com or call (845) 486-5221.
note from Karen Becker:
"When we finally decided to get rid of our old energy-zapping second refrigerator, the problem became get rid of it--how? Money for having it picked up and taken away is not in our senior citizen budget. We are absolutely thrilled to learn about Central Hudson's program to pick up our fridge, and pay us besides!"
TIP from Christopher Stehling
4 ways to reduce oil consumption by 10%:
1. Install a new boiler, safer, cleaner, more efficient, more reliable.  Old boiler 70% efficient, New Boiler 86% that 16% savings every year
2. Install an outdoor reset control or a heat manager control each will cut 10% or more.  For most house holds that's 100 gallons of oil @ 4.29 a gallon= 429.00 each and every year.
3. Install an indirect hot water heater, stop using a tank less coil and install a "thermos"., that keeps the boiler off all day and the keeps the water hot all day.  Will save the average home 200 gallons of oil a year, that $858.00 every year!
4. Keep the boiler clean, soot in the heat exchanger will act as an insulator, that will waste over 10% a year!
Christopher Stehling
Watertight Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
149 Mill Rd.
Red Hook, NY 12571
[email protected]

Action summary and photos:

January 15 - Bard Day of ServiceStudents swapped out 307 old lightbulbs and replaced them with energy efficient ones at Red Hook Commons and at homes in Red Hook Village.  They removed more than 16,700 watts of bulbs and replaced them with 4,300 watts that provide MORE light!  A 75% reduction in energy use!

On 10/10 Village of Red Hook trustees planted an historic American elm, donated by the Village Green committee.

Master gardeners discussed trees and energy savings, rain barrels, rain gardens, planting the right kind of lawn, and more.

Residents made electricity on a bike with the Cornell Cooperative Extension

Energy Efficiency for Homeowners: Town Board members Harry Colgan and Jim Ross taught homeowners how to save energy and save money.

In August Student Conservation Workers, led by Harry Colgan, Ed Blundel and Doug Strawinski, weatherized three homes in Red Hook and Tivoli.  Check out the photos

Website: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmoiDgNDth4

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